I have a dog now!!!

I think I’m getting a dog on Wednesday if everything works out well and I will be so happy and happy happy happy dog.

I may have possibly had the worst semester/year ever, but I am done with school now and the year is almost over so fuck it.

A shitty thing happened to me and my friends are being mean to me over it, so my friend and I smashed one of his old guitars and we are now going to frame it in our future house/apartment.

You know, life becomes really complicated and confusing after you find out that you are the cause of one of your closest friends questioning their sexuality.

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A dude I work with may be talking shit about how me and a friend are just big ole lesbians together, but at least that friend and I made plans to get tattoos together!!!

Remember that time when my friend got mad at me for having sex and lying about it to protect the other person’s privacy while at the same time she decided it was fine for her to tell everyone about how I had sex with that other person just cus? Ahahahahaha LIFE.

Léa Seydoux - El País - October 2013

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